The Echappée aquarium by designer Sebastien Cordoleani resembles something out of a Salvador Dalí painting. Something that would easily fit in with a collection of melting clocks, the French artist’s latest project elevates the traditional fish tank with a pipe and air pressure adjustment that allows the aquatic inhabitants to break free from an otherwise confined space.

Echappée, aquarium, fish tank, sebastien cordolieani

The glass organ-shaped bubble of the Echappée allows fish to move easily from the lower rectangular pool to the suspended space above. Designed by Cordoleani and crafted by glassblower Vincent Breed, the composition contrasts organic and rigid shapes to form a sculptural aquatic habitat.

Describing his work as “Materials for Thought”, the artist pushes the conventional notions of gravity, plays with the familiar shape of a round fish bowl, and creates an engaging piece that combines craft and living creatures.

+ Sebastien Cordoleani

Via Cube Me