Who says balconies need to follow the line of a building? In a new concept for a balcony-like space, Zalewski Architecture Group created a wonderfully unexpected meandering green pathway that extends far beyond the limits of the building. The walkway invites inhabitants to step out of the balcony door and take a stroll on a grassy path high up above a regular courtyard, adding a touch of whimsy to a traditionally unused space.

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Inspiration for the suspended walkway struck the designer on a hot summer’s day while sitting in his third-story office, when the outdoors was calling, but just seemed too far away. The idea helps to reinvigorate a sad, existing courtyard, giving it a fantastical edge while provides access to green space without having to go downstairs.

The path flows freely in space offering a moment of relaxation and rest, and a chance to change your perspective. You leave one office, walk freely on a grassy path in the air until you naturally reach the door of the neighboring office, feeling quite different. Instead of form following function, the shape of the structure is designed to encourage fun and exploration.

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Mounting and support is achieved using thin wires from the four house walls and the path is just 80cm (less than 32 inches) wide, which helps reduce the shadows thrown by the path onto the neighbors below. From the bottom it seems even narrower thanks to the curved polished metal underbelly. Reflections from the surroundings in the mirrored surface helps the path to blend in when viewed from underneath. It’s a fun idea, but could other inhabitants of the upper floors start demanding their own private sky walkways? Or could you even cooperate with the neighbors and create a new communal garden this way?

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