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bamboo pavilion, communal shelter, rainwater colleciton, green design, sustainable architecture

As bamboo is easily sourced around the Indian Ocean Rim, this renewable and inexpensive material is perfect for those in need of shelter. Bamboo’s super strong and light physical characteristics also made it easily adaptable for a range of different building methods. The bamboo polls can also be carved and cut to create various joints, meaning that few other materials are needed to construct a building. This is why Rahmani and Damle chose to use bamboo as their base material to design a sustainable pavilion for people in need.

The bamboo home is oblong and centered around a communal living space surrounded by private sleeping rooms, wash rooms and storage. In the center is a large funnel that opens to the sky, drawing daylight into the shared space. The roof, made of bamboo pipes, collects and directs rainwater into a central basin at the bottom of the funnel in the center of the room. Operable shades above the private rooms let in light and provide natural ventilation.

+ Esan Rahmani