When you look at Roca’s new sustainable Ona bathroom fixture collection, think the Mediterranean: the sea, great food, soft shapes and geometric lines. Ona means “wave” in Catalan, and the collection from Roca can outfit your entire bathroom, including sink basins, faucets, bathtubs, toilets and bidets.

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A minimalistic bathroom that has a white bathtub on the right that is against a window, a sink area with a circle mirror above it and another tiled area to the left

The Roca Design Center team created the Ona collection in collaboration with the international design studios Noa Design and Benedito Design to reflect the company’s Mediterranean roots. The collection was created respecting natural materials. It also has a multi-disciplinary approach to sustainability.

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A shot of the overall sink area with a circle mirror above the sink and then an up-close photo of the sink with a circle mirror above it

What this means: zero-waste production and all-natural composites went into the Fineceramic material, which also allows for lighter high-end pieces that can be shaped in any size. Lightweight sinks also reduce firing and transport emissions, something we often don’t consider in the sustainability of design for home fixtures.

Three sinks with three circle mirrors above them

Additionally, the sinks come in matte or glossy white finishes. The glossy finish can optionally include Supraglaze coating, an extra-smooth surface that inhibits dirt and residue buildup on bathroom fixtures. Drawers below the sinks include soft-close function and come in matte white, gray, green and light oak or dark elm wood finishes.

An overview of the bathroom and the photo next to it is an up-close of the faucet sink

Benedito Design created the faucets for the Ona collection with a focus on both design and sustainability. Slim cylindrical designs come in varying heights and lengths, all featuring a flat minimalist handle at the base. There is a flow limiter and ceramic cartridge with restricted diameter along with cold-start system to lower water and energy consumption. Faucets come in chrome, titanium black, matte black and rose gold.

The sink counter and next to that photo is a pulled drawer filled with beauty products in their own different sections

Bathtubs in the Ona collection were created with Stonex. It is a material exclusive to Roca that is anti-slip and resistant to abrasion for durability. The bath collection is rounded out by countertop trays and containers made of recyclable materials, which are available in matching matte white, gray or green finish. All toilets and bidets are rimless for maximum hygiene and have the Supraglaze coating option to reduce cleaning needs.

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