You don’t have to be an activist to help do something good for the environment and for the people living in it. One of the best possible ways is to buy from Black-owned eco-friendly brands, helping the Earth get a little cleaner and a little greener for the rest of the billions and billions of people who live on it. There are many Black-owned businesses that are focused on creating sustainable, eco-friendly products that directly address some of the huge issues the world is facing. Here are some of our picks.

A makeup with a yellowy formula with the words "Oui the People" on the container

Oui the People skincare supplies

For sustainable shaving and skincare supplies, turn to Oui the People. They offer a huge range of products that includes everything from razors to shaving gel to body serum. Get skin toner, bath soak and a huge range of self-care items here.

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Three toilet papers wrapped in a brown packaging

Reel tree-free toilet paper

Switch to completely tree-free toilet paper with Reel. They provide 100% bamboo toilet paper. It’s delivered in plastic-free packaging and has no ink, no dye and no BPA. It’s just eco-friendly, totally sustainable bamboo that is responsibly sourced. You can have rolls from Reel delivered right to your door.

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A variety of makeup, including a palette box, brushes and powders

Luv + Co eco-friendly makeup

Get cruelty-free, eco-friendly makeup from Luv + Co. They have a huge range of products that includes nail polish, mascara, lipstick and anything else you might want to wear to beautify yourself. You can also shop for vegan products and makeup made with certified organic ingredients. All products are also paraben-free.

A spread of shoes, sunglasses, bags, shirts, belts and a camera

Honorable mentions

Other Black-owned cosmetics businesses include Flowers & Moondust, which focuses on holistic beauty products, and Breedlove Beauty Co. Search for fashion through Black-owned businesses, including, Brother Vellies, Taylor Jay and Grant Blvd.

Images via Oui the People, Reel Paper and Pexels

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