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Since the homes’ residents had lived in a house on the land previously, the orientation of the bedrooms and living rooms was required to follow specific guidelines in order to maintain the family’s favorite views. The entire upper level faces the bay and wrap around balconies and sliding glass walls seamlessly extend the interior outdoors and create natural cross breezes. The upper level is also lined with thermal insulated highlight windows that fill the first floor with light even in dark winter months. A central staircase opens up the space and leads to a roof deck and garden.

A bespoke rainwater tank was installed below the deck to collect and recycle rainwater to be used throughout the home and gardens. Solar evacuated tubing panels heat the home’s water and hydraulic in-slab heating keeps things toasty in the winter. Outdoor gardens help filter rain water, while the landscaped roof doubles as insulation for the study below it.

The House in Greenwich maximizes natural light without compromising the family’s cherished panoramic views of the bay in Greenwich, Australia.

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Via Arch Daily