We’ve just gone off on a tangent about the politics of celebritecture and Brad Pitt’s involvement in designing housing for New Orleans, but now we’d like to get back to the most important thing about the Global Green archiecture competition: the designs themselves…

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The winning design of the Global Green Competition was a proposal called GreeNOLA (NOLA being short for New Orleans, Louisiana), submitted by New York-based architects Andrew Kotchen and Matthew Berman of Workshop/APD.

The GreeNOLA plan calls for six houses and two multifamily units which employ energy-efficient appliances, solar power and recycled building materials, in addition to providing social services such as child care and a community garden. This proposal is designed to cut pollution and decrease operating energy use by 50 percent to 60 percent compared with traditional homes.

Global Green Design Competition, New Orleans, Brad Pitt, Sustainable Design for New Orleans, Green Building, Green Design, Frederic Schwarts, Scwartz ArchitectureRunner-up design: NOLA shotgunLOFT, Schwartz Architecture/Frederic Schwartz – NYC, NY

While we really liked the winning proposal, we were also quite partial to runner-up ShotgunLOFT design, entered by Frederic Schwartz of Schwartz Architecture. This design utitilizes modular prefab elements for sustainable cost-efficiency, and copious greenery with orchards and planted trellises to reduce the increased heat from the sun. As an added bonus, the designers gave thoughtful consideration as to how to finance the projects, proposing a self-help/sweat equity financial model.

Let us know what you think…
What green design proposal is best for New Orleans?

The winning design, GreeN.O.LA, can be seen along with the other short-listed entries here >

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As one of the comments pointed out, the image above from Workshop/APD is indeed from an earlier round in the competition. My apologies for the error. I will do a more extensive article on the winning GreeNOLA design in the next couple weeks.