WindsorPatania Architects has set a new bar for luxury European living with their sustainable country homes. This project is energy-positive and carbon-neutral. What’s more, the knowledge gained from this design will be available for everyone to use. And when all is said and done, the building will produce more energy than it consumes in a year.

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The rearview of the sustainable Eden House

This is Eden House, a design based on eight key principles such as biophilic design and renewable energy. Enhancing and using nature is at the heart of the design. Further, the plot is divided into different regions for specific plant and animal species to enjoy. There are microsystems here for birds, bees and butterflies as well.

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A vine wall with triangles throughout

There are 106 solar panels and a ground source heat pump. Meanwhile, natural ventilation will keep the building cooler in the summer and energy costs low. Then, rainwater will be harvested and the biodigester will recycle and purify the water. A greywater harvesting system will also be put in place.

A photo highlighting a garden centered in the house

The house surrounds a courtyard which will provide gorgeous views from inside the home. Such a courtyard connects the inside and outside worlds. Plus, there’s a green wall that literally brings nature right into the interior spaces.

A patio with a long couch surrounded by flowers and shrubbery

This luxury design is meant to be an inspiration for other builders and designers and to show them how to integrate luxury living into sustainable, environmentally-sound practices. House tours will be held twice a year for universities, schools, designers and anyone else who wants to learn how to use sustainable technologies and building practices to truly build a better future for the planet. Specifications and architectural drawings will also be available to engineers and architects. When everyone starts to practice more sustainable design, everyone is better off.

Eden House is near the famous Green Belt near London, England and it’s a design that anyone and everyone is allowed to draw inspiration from. Anyone looking to build a better, healthier future for the planet can learn exactly how Eden House was built and use the same green features in new designs.

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Images via WindsorPatania Architects