Developed in NCR, this innovative new recreation center and solarium will soon find a spot in the heart of Delhi, India. Slated to open in 2012, the new structure showcases a variety of eco-friendly, sustainable building strategies. Mumbai-based architecture firm Prem Nath & Associates have conceptualized an environment in which outdoor activity is possible throughout the year. Featuring a flowing form totaling 1 million square feet, the solarium is a multi-use destination complete with a farm, gymnasium, pool, aquatics center, library, and track, all topped off with solar panels, a greywater system, and passive cooling/heating design.

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Built for a private client on five acres of land, the structure adheres to high technical standards, while simultaneously incorporating a green design that could provide a luxurious environment both indoors and out. The entire structure is formed from glass and aluminum sections. Double-glazed low-e glass is held in place with high-strength horizontal fiber glass tendons and aluminum structural members. The clean construction gives way to an equally streamlined interior that is rendered clutter-free. The indoor temperature is regulated to meet both human comfort and to optimize conditions for plant growth.

The building’s aluminum frame was designed to make the structure homogenous, lightweight and structurally stable. Photovoltaic solar panels work with the building’s low-e glass to control temperature and reduce energy use, and rotating louvers on the roof help bring ample fresh air indoors. Meanwhile, motion sensors and LUX intensity meter sensors control lighting for efficient energy consumption.

Landscaping forms a core feature of the project, and irrigation requirements are partially met using recycled water. The high gloss aluminum finish, the envelope of green landscape, the manicured lawns and the local tree plantations keep the privacy intact. Trees and other features have been illuminated with floor and trunk mounted lighters, concealed cleverly for glare free lighting, and there are various themed indoor gardens with fruit tree plantations, sculptures, and pathways curbed with flowering plants.

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Picture Courtesy: Prem Nath & Associates