For those of us who say we would buy more eco-friendly if only the prices were a bit more affordable — well, here’s our chance! Loomstate, a casual clothing brand that has been creating eco fashion for everyday wear since 2001, is partnering with everyone’s favorite designer budget retailerTarget. Well-known for creating super wearable items for men and women, Loomstate for Target will be offering easy-to-pair tops and bottoms for girls and guys. The price of helping to fashionably preserve our environment will range from $14.99 to $44.99 starting April 19 — just in time for Earth Day. Read on to get a sneak peak at Target’s collection!

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The Loomstate For Target collection features roll-out-of-bed-throw-on-your-body styles that are so affordable you can actually purchase a top AND a bottom! That is pretty revolutionary for a sustainable line of clothing. Some of our favorite looks are a breezy plaid one-piece, pop-off-the-page aqua board shorts and a versatile ombre skirt that can easily be taken from the office to the beach. The collection includes several pieces with a pelican print (it’s called Persey, for anyone who wants to impress their friends) —  a signature pattern which is so uber-cute that we think it could be this spring’s “it” print.

What about materials? Along with sustainable linen and silk blends, the line utilizes 100% certified organic cotton which is a big “I told you so” in the faces of player-haters who said 100% organic not be done at such an affordable price point. And in true Loomstate style, even the processes of creating the fabrics sound quirky and fun: “drunken yarn dye with a little curved wabi-sabi feeling that’s totally unique” in the words of co-founder Scott Hahn. We aren’t quite sure what that means, but it sounds delicious!

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