Loup Charmant (the charming wolf) is a purely seductive and eco-dreamy intimates collection. Kee Edwards, the designer for Loup Charmant, will be showing selections from her latest PURE Collection at the Project Earth Day Eco-Fashion Show here in NYC tonight! We are anticipating a stunningly beautiful ‘force of nature’ to sweep down the runway as the lights dim and the stars come out. Romantically crafted and historically inspired, PURE collection will no doubt demonstrate the poetry of sustainable style – with its respect for the integrity of organic materials with a real connection to the unleashed, free-spirited imagination.

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Loup Charmant’s PURE organic cotton intimates and women’s lounge separates are heirloom-inspired and fair-made in Brooklyn, NY. No synthetics or toxins are used – a commitment by designer Kee Edwards to ‘first do no harm in the world.’ We love the fresh and alluring simplicity of Loup Charmant’s totally original style. It’s a really sexy take on how to meld sustainability with a charmed and visionary outlook.

“I am inspired by the landscape and beautiful old skills and techniques – heirloom garments – travel and the mix of cultures – a relaxed vacation feeling – beaches and oceans – warm sun – budding trees and lush gardens – farm fresh foods – time with oneself and loved ones – it’s a purity and connection to our roots as a people.”

PURE Collection will be shown in entirety at the Designers & Agents shows in NYC and Los Angeles. Inhabitat will be on site at Designers & Agents here in NYC on May 4 – 6 providing complete media coverage each day.

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