OK, so it probably seems as if we are developing a bit of a vegan foot(wear) fetish here at Inhabitat. This might actually be true, though we are not advocating shopaholic-behavior ala Imelda Marcos gone ‘cruelty-free’. We are excited to announce that this year’s Project Earth Day Eco-Fashion Show will feature several up-and-coming vegan accessories designers, NeuAura Vegan Shoes being one of the impressive standouts. Not only is NeuAura’s animal-friendly footwear sleek, stylish, and versatile, but also a pretty chic solution for those day-to-night marathons of pounding the pavement or home turf with an earth-saving agenda on tap.

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NeuAura Vegan Shoes do not contain any leather, fur, silk, wool, shell, pearls, or attitude, thanks heavens – when it comes to doing good, clean business sans greenwashing or toxic behavior. The Spring 2008 collection features a palette of rich earthy tones balanced with inky washed colors. Flirty paisleys and eye-popping geometric prints are combined with high-quality, supple synthetic leathers. NeuAura flats are a great solution for eco-chic style with a clean, sexy conscience. We cannot wait to see these shoes paired with Del Forte Denim, Alyson Fox’s ‘A Small Collection’, or Helen E. Riegle’s HER design eco-friendly clutches and handbags on the Project Earth Day Eco-Fashion Runway. It’s definitely going to be a hot night even though it’s only April here in Manhattan!

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