It’s officially sweater season, and there’s nothing better than a snuggly sweater made from organic fibers to warm you up sustainably in the chilly winter months. Peligrosa has got it down – their line of gorgeous knitwear for men and women is simple, timeless, and made from organic cotton, organic wool, cashmere, and recycled cotton. If you’re in the Bay Area and want to meet co-founders and designers Adam and Nico in person (and purchase their new fall collection!), stop by the Embodies trunk show this coming Thursday, 5-9pm.

Not only are the fibers organic, but Peligrosa’s pigments are as well- dyed by hand with organic dyestuffs and natural mordants. The dyes are derived from roots, herbs, fruits, and vegetables, so you can wear with the same care that you eat! At every phase of operation, owners Nico Morrison and Adam Sidell make efforts to tread lightly on the planet and preserve resources for future generations.

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