With the Project Earth Day Eco-Fashion Show less than a week away now, Inhabitat’s Sustainable Style team will be providing its readers with a sneak-peek preview of some of the hottest green fashion to ever grace NYC’s runways and Earth Day venues. Inhabitat’s edgy and stylish Editor-in-Chief, Jill Fehrenbacher, will be a judge for the student competition this year, and the buzz is already circulating about just how much the designers have upped the ante with their sustainable design ingenuity and eco-know-how. (Ahem, move over Project Runway, there are some new couture-stars set to take the stage.) We are launching our designer previews for the April 24th event with the totally alluring designs of Sid Vintage Jewelry. One glance at these ‘tangled’ creations will clue you in as to why designer Nanci Bennett has really ‘caught the eye’ of eco-fashion connoisseurs and style mavens everywhere.

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Sid Vintage Jewelry pieces are one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets crafted from a bevy of unwanted (though extremely valuable), reclaimed vintage clasps, dead stock chains, and cast-off heirloom baubles found in jewelry boxes of yore and as e-bay flotsam. With the keen vision of a thrifty hunter-gatherer, designer Nanci Bennett locates, resuscitates, and adeptly incorporates all of her findings into stunning creations that neatly define eco-chic style and awesomely resourceful materials usage. When else can you be green and enviro-conscious with deliciously glitzy gobs of sparkly chains and recycled baubles dripping off your neckline and earlobes? Sid Vintage Jewelry takes (re)living in excess to a whole new level – that of personal value recycled and celebrated for one more round of hip and unique storytelling.

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