It’s true that good things sometimes come in small packages, and Alyson Fox‘s ‘A Small Collection‘ is no exception. The Austin-based photographer, illustrator, and innovative clothing designer has come up with a home-brewed recipe for eco-style and one-of-a-kind mix and match separates that defies the clotheshorse instinct. As an art director and storyteller extraordinaire, Fox has created a pint-sized collection that not only exemplifies a resourceful use of sustainable materials and recycled swatches, but also demonstrates that a streamlined collection of key pieces is all that one needs to flaunt one’s personal style.

Alyson Fox A Small Collection recycled sustainable fashion designs Austin Texas based designer eco-fashion illustration art

A Small Collection incorporates sustainable fabrics, organic elastic, and ‘buttons made from fallen trees’. No zippers or extraneous doo-dads are used to hold these artfully constructed pieces together. With a photographer’s eye for detail, Alyson Fox uses the camera and home video vignettes to illustrate how her seemingly simple pieces can add stylish complexity to any scenario and lifestyle. A Small Collection consists of 6 dresses, 1 skirt, 1 pair of shorts, 2 tops, 1 wrap, 11 short pieces of video, 10 photographs, and 9 illustrations as demonstrated on the artist’s website. We like really like the art/fashion marriage in Fox’s work and her emphasis on how to live resourcefully via a celebration of personal narrative and ‘less is more’ gratitude. It’s a timely collection with a big green heart.

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