Designer Anne Salvatore Epstein cut her fashion teeth at well-known companies such as Marc Jacobs, IISLI and Elie Tahari, but it was her pregnancy that set her on a path towards starting her own line, Beau Soleil. She and her husband began an effort to simplify their “overly excessive” New York City lifestyle into one that is “Simple. Modern. Organic.” They moved into a green building, increased their trips to the green market, and made conscious everyday living decisions to do their part in saving the planet. It wasn’t long until this new mindset opened her eyes to how the manufacturing process of the fashion industry impacts the environment. Soon after she made the decision to strike out on her own with in order to design with the environment in mind. Beau Soleil uses fabric made out of bamboo, vegetable-dyed organic cottons and vintage, recycled leather trims.

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