Even if you pride yourself on feeling totally at ease in the skin that you are in, there is a new collection on the horizon that takes comfort and self-assurance one step further with the fresh, ready-to-wear simplicity of ecoSkin’s Spring 2008 collection. Los Angeles-based designer, Sandy Skinner, has chosen to use a blend of sustainable fabrics and earth-friendly blends as means to create woven and draped pieces that evoke elegance as well as timelessness in their clean, green flowing lines.

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Skinner uses a blend of bamboo, Tencel, and Spandex to create knits and wovens that rival the best of fluid contemporary fashion. After conducting extensive fabric sourcing and production research, Skinner concluded that in order to meet her personal standards for ecoSkin, she would need to have many of the collection’s fabrics custom made for pieces that were sustainably produced from start to finish locally. Consequently, ecoSkin opts to import its bamboo from China and then spins the fiber into yarn in Los Angeles so that the designer and her team can have complete control over manufacturing standards and fair trade practices.

“I wanted to give women a hip, sophisticated collection, as well as a sustainable product that would not leave a footprint on the environment,” says Skinner. “My vision is to continually raise women’s awareness of their options. We can combine eco-friendly fabrics with a high design aesthetic.”

Skinner’s socially responsible beliefs extend beyond the production of ecoSkin. Each season the designer plans to donate to One Percent for the Planet and Animal Actors Worldwide, as well as various other environmental and animal charities.

The ecoSkin collection will be available in early Spring 2008. Inhabitat is providing you a sneak preview of several of the fabulous tops, dresses, and separates that will soon be available.

+ ecoSkin pieces range in price from $140 – $322

+ For more information on where to find and shop for ecoSkin this spring , contact Lizzie Nodell at Dell et Ruhs Public Relations – [email protected]