Ever wished that you could simply whip up a fabulous outfit for yourself, ‘in no time’, with ready made objects and reclaimed bits and pieces from your domestic lair? Swedish fashion designer, Sandra Backlund, is a wizard at sculpting hand-crafted garments that celebrate the everyday form in a most unusual and resourceful manner. Her latest, ‘In No Time Collection’, celebrates the best of sustainable risk-taking in design and fashion with a twist of haute-couture know how and DIY craftiness.

Backlund typically incorporates unconventional materials such as paper, hair, and fiber into her garments but in her latest feat of tailored brilliance, the designer finds a whole new way to sport clothespins as well as collaged pieces of wool knitted elements. The designer views these components as integral to the vigor and viability of the handicraft tradition and method. Backlund’s star has been on the rise for some time now having won The Future Design Days Award for young designers at The Future Design Days Conference in Stocklholm, Sweden during 2005. We are excited to bring you a glimpse into the latest wave of Swedish edginess that sports a flair for the eco-fabulous and the totally unpredictable.

+ Sandra Backlund
+ photos by Ola Bergengren