Nau is a new outdoor apparel company churning out designs strong enough for the backwoods and stylish enough for the urban jungle. Though the designs might occasionally give off a Jil Sander/Helmut Lang vibe, Nau assures they are designed to perform. The company was founded in 2005 and built with sustainability in mind from fabric to foundation.

Nau is headquartered in a LEED Gold certified building and all stores will be built with sustainability in mind. The stylish line uses only organic cotton and counts Ingeo and recycled polyester among it’s other materials. The company is comprised of individuals with experience in top level positions at brands from Nike to North Face, not to mention the revered Patagonia. Like the latter, Nau pledges to donate proceeds to various environmental organizations and you get your choice at the point of purchase. Their Spring 2007 line launched this month via their website and will eventually be available at storefronts nationwide.

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