Sharkah Chakra is a new luxury clothing label that takes the Golden Rule to new fashionable levels. Their philosophy is to “make the world’s best and only hand made denim using a simple age old concept of treating others as you wish to be treated.” The organic Fairtrade cotton is hand-picked in West Africa and colored using natural indigo dye, it is then woven on hand looms in Southern India before traveling to Italy where the jeans are finished and laundered.

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Sharkah Chakra is the purest denim cloth ever to have been made and the first denim cloth ever to have been made naturally and by hand. The goal was to go back to basics to revive ancient techniques of natural indigo dyeing and salvage denim seen today in Japan.

With plans to expand in future, Sharkah Chakra is available in store, exclusively at Harvey Nichols London for the Autumn/Winter 07 season.

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