Style|Shake is making a dress designer out of everyone, giving anybody the opportunity to create something as unique as their individual personality. Step into Style|Shake‘s design studio, pick the fabric (their silk is organically sourced), upper bodice, neckline, sleeves, waist panel, lower bodice, and trimmings and you’ve got a unique dress for all your holiday parties. There’s definitely something sustainable about personalization, creating unique one-of-a kind articles that guarantees 100% use and leaves no overruns to waste.

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Worried that there still isn’t enough selection available to create that dress you never knew you always wanted? Have no fret, and check back often; Style|Shake is constantly adding new choices to their dress parts, making sure they satisfy everybody’s fashion sense. For the individuals who are overflowing with great ideas, put your creations up for vote in the gallery. Who knows? You just might be the next style shaker. For those who would rather take in the creative thought of someone else’s ideas, there’s plenty of dresses to scour and choose from, all of which are available for purchase in your size if you find something you fancy.

Dresses are individually priced per design, and bulk orders are available upon request.

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