Anyone who tuned into fiftyRX3 over the last year knows that I am a big fan of the “reuse” in “reuse, reduce, recycle”, so it was just a matter of time before I recommended a dip into the apparel archives for Sustainable Style Sunday. Formalwear seems one category where it is quite common to borrow from the past. Many of these designs are timeless, such as the clean and modern aesthetic of Halston in the 70’s or Vionnet, who pioneered the bias cut some 60 years earlier. Therefore, wearing vintage does not always mean sacrificing modern style. If the Paco Rabanne or Givenchy dresses above don’t work for you, a wealth of possibilities exist in many other sites from Rusty Zipper to Enoki World.

Men looking for their own classic tuxedo might start at Vintage Swank or ebay, but the common practice of renting makes tuxedos even more reusable. Whether you go reused or rented or decide to pick up an Armani hemp suit, Clerk & Teller has your shirt covered. Their organic cotton tuxedo shirt will lead you elegantly into 2007. Happy New Year!

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