The tagline: “Is another world possible?”, is a good way to sum up Veja‘s dream of being the most ethically inspiring trainers out there. Their new 2008 Volley Collection makes cool, green style and enviro-responsibility seem totally within reach and accessible for all. We love the fresh pastels and eco-geeky primary colors in this latest line up of natural latex and organic cotton shoes. With thousands of hectares of the planet’s primary forest rapidly disappearing, who can afford to play around in anything else?

Veja is a Paris-based company producing all of their collections in Brasil. Both the children’s and adult’s shoes are made from “natural” latex rubber, vegetable-tanned leather, and organic cotton. (Wild rubber trees are only found in the Amazon and supporting wild latex production helps to prevent deforestation.) Veja also goes to great lengths to use locally sourced organic cotton. In addition to doing business in total eco-style, they are big supporters of two Brazilian cooperatives of small producers. Veja’s sustainable style for sneaks not only makes another world possible but also turns the seemingly impossible into a positive endeavor.

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Veja video on ‘The Amazon: Natural Rubber and Forest Preservation’

(“The Amazonian rainforest could disappear by 2020. In order to preserve the world largest forest, the Seringueiros, people who live in the jungle, collect rubber from hevea trees and fight against land clearing.”)