Morrama designed sustainable new packaging for the restaurant chain Wagamama. The chain’s ramen bowls can now be taken to-go with stackable bowls that keep crispy squid fresh while keeping excess materials out of the process. The familiar Wagamama gray has been replaced with a natural, light sandy color to reflect the move toward natural, sustainable materials. It serves the dual purpose of helping the scanners in recycling plants pick up on the materials for recycling after use.

A Black family sitting at a dining table with a sustainable packaging

Additionally, the packaging items will be used throughout the entire chain for delivery and takeout. That will replace over eight million plastic single-use items and keep a significant amount of waste out of landfills. The designers say that where possible, plastic was removed from the packaging. However, some were retained to preserve the temperature and taste of dishes and prevent leakage en route to customers.

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Various bowls and lids made of sustainable material

As a result, Morrama spent over a year working with thermoformed food packaging suppliers to develop a new solution to this problem: a new industry-first recyclable material called cPET.

A variety of sustainable takeout packaging from Wagamama

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the team at Wagamama. They are constantly pushing and questioning the sustainable credentials of their packaging, wanting to do the absolute best possible,” said Jo Barnard, founder of Morrama. “The goal of this project has been about reduction as well as improving the experience for both their team and guests. We are over the moon with the outcome.”

Three bowl sizes of sustainable packaging and a cardboard box

The design team was challenged to help the chain meet ambitious sustainability goals. The solution was inspired by a circular economy strategy and informed by external recycling and packaging experts. Wagamama’s goal was to stop relying on up to 330 tons of virgin plastic every year for delivery packaging operations. They wanted to be the first in the industry to use materials from 70% recycled content. Morrama worked with Wagamama to improve the customer experience from beginning to end, creating a solution that is both sustainable and an improvement over previous customer experience.

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