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There are four different treehouses to choose from, all of which feature a hot tub, and can accommodate between two and six people. Cabone Monbazillac sits at the edge of the forest, offers views of nearby Castle Biron, and comes packed with “antiquities from the empires of Asia.” Cabane Milandes on the other hand is a family-sized accommodation nestled in an oak grove that offers a much more organic affair. As stated on the company’s website, it allows you to “discover the splendour of wood in all its simplicity and complexity.”

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For those in search of something more extravagant, Cabane Hautefort is the largest of the four treehouses, which is cradled by a 100-year-old oak sitting beside the moat. The interior features extensive ironwork, which blends with aged wood to create a timeless setting. Apart from the spa that can fit six people, there are is also a fully-fitted kitchen that includes a fridge, oven, ceramic hob, coffee maker, and more.

The final treehouse could be considered the “honeymoon” option, especially when you consider the overflow spa, Finnish sauna, sitting room, stone fireplace, and walk-in shower. Cabane Puybéton is also the most expensive at €265 ($363) a night, a price which could quite easily climb if you dip into the mini-bar.

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While Châteaux Dans Les Arbres built its treehouses using sustainably sourced wood, it would be great to see them implement other sustainable design features to offset the energy being used by the jacuzzis, fridges, and other power-hungry appliances offered to guests. Otherwise, the treehouses are an inspired combination of fairytales and impressive building techniques that showcase the environment, and treat it with respect.

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