Suzuki recently launched the “Every” van – the Japanese car manufacturer’s first foray into battery-powered transportation. Suzuki is playing it safe, however; only 13 of the plug-in Every vans have been manufactured. These 13 electric vehicles will be sent to Suzuki dealerships across Japan with the goal of gathering real-world driving data before Suzuki produces the Every for mass use.

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The Suzuki Every is an electric version of the Suzuki Carry Van, a popular minivan-style vehicle used for business and agricultural purposes in Japan. Although 400 pounds heavier, the Every imitates the Carry Van’s compact size, easy maneuverability and likeness to an airport shuttle bus. It has a cargo capacity of 500 pounds and operates on high-capacity lithium ion batteries that can be fully charged in 5 hours. At full charge, the Every has a maximum range of 62 miles, which, according to Integrity Reports, is a typical range for urban business and delivery vehicles in Japan.

Suzuki has plans to open its Next Generation Environmental Vehicle Technology development center in August 2016, and data gathered through the Every trials should be useful in this regard. Regardless, while Suzuki may be thinking that slow and steady wins the race, early starters like Mitsubishi and Nissan are only going to improve and refine their own EV chops. Suzuki would do well to launch its electric Every van to the masses sooner rather than later.

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Via Integrity Exports and Autoblog Green