A city in Sweden is testing a new program they hope will slash the number of cars on the road. The government is giving away free bikes for six months to three dozen test cyclists. All they have to do in return is promise to usethe two-wheelers instead of cars at least three times a week. The test cyclists include students, commuters, parents and children.

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Sweden is already famous for its love of bikes-around half of its population cycles to work. Compared to the U.S., European cities such as the Swedish capital are much more successful at developing programs and incentives for using greener modes of transportation. In the city of Gothenburg, the government is giving bikes for free, with the sole expectation from beneficiaries to renounce their motorized ride at least three times a week.

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The new project aims to break down whatever barriers remain that discourage the notion of completely switching to cycling by developing six-month-long programs that would create a lasting impact and reshape people’s mindsets. Once they complete the program, riders will have a chance to buy the bike at a discounted price.

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Images by Flickr user Franz-Michael S. Mellbin