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The beautiful Juniper House is a 540 sq-foot home made from local timber. Three of its sides were masked in a vinyl cloth that was screen printed with photographs of the same trees growing around the house. This innovative idea not only serves as a camouflage that helps it blend with the surroundings, but also filters light and ads privacy to the interiors.

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The luscious false facade is only 15-inches away from the wooden exterior cladding and is fixed in place with a series of galvanized steel rods. ‘The house is barely visible, like a mirror of its own surroundings’, explained the Stockholm-based architects.

Inside, the spaces are open, bright and modern, and mix IKEA pieces with Danish Modernist Hans Wegner’s Wishbone chairs.

+ Murman Arkitekter

Via Dezeen

Photos Åke E-son Lindman