Food waste is a global problem, but in Sweden it is particularly prevalent – it is estimated that one fifth of all food is thrown away. This sparked an idea for the farmers’ cooperative Lantmannen, which has launched a dating website for singles interested in meeting up to create and share dishes made up from leftovers for the greenest possible first date.

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Lantmannen‘s leftover food-focused dating site may invoke nauseating thoughts of a date where you are served leftover casserole and moldy fruit, but the social media website works in a different manner. The website matches up single people based on their social media activity and interests and has them then enter five ingredients they currently have. This list is then published to Facebook for other singles to browse.

When they are matched up with another person, the members are encouraged to combine their left over ingredients and create a special meal for the two of them. There is also a speed dating option, where users can select specific ingredients that they are looking for. For example, “pork chops looking for unused mushrooms”.

If the ‘group scene’ is more your style, then there is even the option to set up a “dinner for two, three or four”. Lantmannen also provides recipe suggestions for those wondering what to cook with their leftovers. In addition to helping people find love, the social media network hopes to encourage change and stop the growing amounts of food waste.

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