The goal was simple: produce high-quality swimwear that is kind to the planet and to the people who wear it. The result is a newly launched sustainable swimwear line called MOMMA.

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Korean-American founder Jackie Robinson traveled the world as a bartender, Thai Fighter and au pair before settling down in Seattle, Washington. It was during the early days of the pandemic when the culmination of her goals and experiences lead to the launch of the swimwear line.

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two people wearing black two-piece swimsuit with short-sleeve crop top

Robinson said, “I was perpetually searching for a suit that made me feel good, and that I wasn’t itching to get out of as soon as I put it on. I honestly never found it. I’ve always known that I wanted to dedicate my life to women, to facilitate our collective empowerment the best I can … I started MOMMA because I think women deserve more from their swimwear.”

people wearing black and white swimsuits

Robinson acknowledged the typically wasteful and polluting aspects of the fashion industry. She has made it a top priority that MOMMA remains sustainable throughout the manufacturing process.

person wearing black swimsuit with mesh top

Material selection came down to a few eco-friendly options. “I knew I wanted to use a recycled fabric for our designs, because I loved the idea of turning waste into fashion.” According to Robinson, the process took a few months, but she said, “I chose nylon for its superior hand feel (I wanted our swimwear to be so comfortable, people could sleep in it). I literally had hundreds of swatches sent to my house, and ultimately none of them were what I was looking for. We ended up making our own — and I’m glad we did, because that’s the first thing people say when they put on our swimsuits: how soft and comfortable our fabric is.” The nylon is collected both from production line waste and post-consumer materials, such as discarded fishing nets.

person wearing white one-piece swimsuit and two people wearing brown two-piece swimsuits

Called the Feminine Energy Collection, the entire process puts sustainability at the forefront of every decision. Where many fashion manufacturers pollute with dyes, MOMMA uses options that are non-toxic and OEKO-TEX certified. For shipping, the company wraps swimsuits in biodegradable plastic. The tissue and even the stickers are recyclable.

people wearing white two-piece swimsuits with white cropped hoodies

In addition to setting an example as a sustainable manufacturer and ensuring a quality product, Robinson created a collection that is inclusive for all body types with the belief that swimwear should celebrate women and encourage them to embrace opportunities while feeling good about themselves.

people wearing olive-green two-piece swimsuits

Plus, each purchase supports the planet. For every order placed, MOMMA will plant one tree in a U.S. National Forest through partners at One Tree Planted and the United States Forest Service.

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