The Swingtrike is a new electric bike from Germany aimed at riders who are worried about keeping their balance while on the road. Boasting greater overall stability, the bike is pedal assisted, but is also powered by a front wheel three-speed hub motor that can be upgraded to an eight-speed model as well.

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The bike weighs a little over 40 pounds, and has an aluminum frame that can be folded in the steering bar and swing arms to make it more compact for easy transportation. The steering function is limited to 30º and can be easily maneuvered through the tightest corners. It also claims to handle a 15% incline.

Although it’s a really nice bike, it’s also difficult to gauge at who exactly the bicycle is marketed towards. Most riders certainly don’t have a balancing issue, and while this may be good for novices and those with certain health issues, a normal bike is certianly just as beneficial if not even more so. The price also rings in at a whopping 1,699.00 Euros, not including transportation costs to other countries. That’s about $2,400 minus shipping.

We agree that it is a nice bike. But we would also suggest weighing all your options before purchasing.

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Via Treehugger