Last week we announced Sigg’s “What’s your Eco-Style” bottle design competition- a post that was met with comments and questions from intrigued readers wanting to know more about the company, their production techniques, particularly the choice to use aluminum as a drinking vessel.

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Although the eco-friendliness of an aluminum drinking container may not be obvious at first glance, think of all the plastic water bottles you AREN’T buying if you’re toting around a stylish, sturdy, reuseable and recyclable Sigg bottle. It turns out the Swiss-engineered bottles are the result of a high-tech, low-waste production method that starts with a piece of aluminum the size of a hockey puck.

1) The process begins with a solid piece of 100% recyclable aluminum about the size of a hockey puck.

2) In one fell swoop (and 650 tons of force), the “puck” is extruded into a cylindrical shape.

3) The cylinder is then pressed into the various Sigg bottle shapes with recessed necks, ribs, etc. The neck is formed using about 26 different manufacturing steps (it’s hard to make something so precisely leak-proof!)

4) A threaded ring is inserted into the neck and secured in place.

5) The bottle is thoroughly cleaned, inside and out, using ecologically friendly cleaning agents.

6) The inside of the bottle is sprayed with a taste inert, food-compatible stove enamel and baked on (this is the stuff that makes your water NOT taste like aluminum foil).

7) The outside is coated with a solvent-free powder paint and logos are applied (this is where YOU come in- submit your designs for the next bottle design to the “What’s Your Eco-Style” competition!)

8) Add a bottle top (in 3 interchangeable forms), and that’s it!

On top of the uber-efficient manufacturing processes and recyclable material, the bottles are also eye-catching and colorful, boasting some great graphic design for bikers, moms, kids, and greenies alike. Watch an interactive step-by-step of the manufacturing process on Sigg’s website here. + What’s Your Eco-Style bottle design competition + SIGG