The protoype was constructed with wooden materials and was built for maximum flexibility. The building is designed to produce a positive amount of energy that could be used to share energy as part of a smart grid in its Lucerne neighborhood. Excess energy is stored in batteries, and could be used to power up electric bikes for sustainable transportation. The e-bike could also be used as a stationary bike for exercise, putting the energy produced back into the battery.

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Passive measures are provided via the shared space with solar irradiation in winter and natural ventilation in summer. Active measures include rooftop solar photovoltaic modules, thermal solar collectors, a system that stores and reuses rainwater and decentralized ventilation units.

On their website, the team describes their vision as “the concept of co-operative, which is firmly anchored in Switzerland for decades and focuses on the principle of mutual benefit.”

+ Solar Decathlon 2014

+ Team Lucerne

Images via Team Lucerne