The Operation Center Burgergemeinde is a rustic framework of natural wooden slats located in Biel, Switzerland. Designed by Berlin based firm, Bauzeit Architekten, the spanning buildings and courtyard face a lush forest, which surrounds the complex. Positioned with respect to the topography of the land, and coupled with wooden strips which mimic the forest, the center’s sustainable materials harmonize with its environment.

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Spanning both sides of the street, the caravan of individual buildings join together at a dead end. Forming a courtyard, operational buildings are concentrated on one side, and other buildings, such as storage andlocker rooms, on the other. The operational buildings house large vehicles and machinery.

The entranceway of the complex functions as a welcome center and sales room, as well as a gateway to the warehouses. Behind the main entrance is  a two storey wooden building, accessible from the front, which holds the locker room, carpentry workshop and administration.

The simple building is flanked with floor to ceiling windows, which not only flood the interior with natural lighting, but let the lushness of the nearby forest in, visible to all those working inside. The Bauzeit firm also chose to keep the wooden strips in a natural hue, to further pay tribute to the surrounding trees of the forest, emulating the individual plants.

+ Bauzeit Architekten

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