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A gorgeous new park, commercial zones, cultural buildings, residences and museum are in the works. One of the most unusual features is a lush park, which is built atop a gridwork of the abandoned railways.

With the railways at the core of its design, CIE has created quite a site. Pathways for both cyclists and pedestrians will extend over a fantastic green landbridge that arches above the park below, and creates an undulating series of green hills across the landscape. Cyclists and walkers can ascend and descend the slopes, which will also host curated museum programs.

The new plan, which enhances the existing architecture, will also be energy efficient. The position of the commercial and residential buildings will minimize solar gain, take advantage of the cross breezes and provide serene views for its residents. The entire project will be a giant leap forward for the expanding city, attracting tourists while providing locals with an innovative and historically rich place to live.

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Via Arch Daily