Gazing at this spacecraft of a prefab house, you may be reminded of a certain colony of extra-terrestrial tree houses we wrote about last year. A new design from UK-based Sybarite (whose name alone makes me love them), the Plectrum House is a tiny prefab, measuring only 40m-sq (approx 430ft-sq). Luckily, for those who require a bit more room, the aluminum units can be stacked five high.

Modeled off of the compact, rounded form of a plectrum (that’s a guitar pick, if you didn’t know), the design combats the standard blocky style of so many stackable modular dwellings. When layered, the overall structure has flower-like facets and curves. And while we have our share of reservations about living in a UFO, Sybarite managed to include our most favorite feature – roof gardens – which we are incapable of resisting, no matter what kind of structure they hover over.

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