Greetings from Sydney Earth Hour 2009!
Here in Sydney, the lights went out at precisely 8:30p.m. The Sydney ferries honked the arrival of Earth Hour; the Sydney Opera House turned off its lights; and the Harbour bridge went dark for a little while. I had the pleasure of seeing Sydney from 47 levels above the city, in a candlelit party. It was a sight to see as slowly all the buildings in the city turned off their announcements, the floors went dark, and for a little while you could actually see the city’s inhabitants making a difference and voting for Earth. Sydney was the originator of Earth Hour and it shows. Throughout that one hour, everyone in the party was talking about the initiative, showing an awareness of the environmental cause that even a few years would’ve been inconceivable.

I’ve had the pleasure of going through three Earth Hour events. It is a simple event that I hope I can keep being a part of for much longer.


Earth Hour 2009, Sydney