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The Opera features a low profile design that makes it easy to tow behind a sedan rather than a larger SUV or truck (which is often necessary to transport larger trailers). Plus, the lightweight and compact design means you’re not guzzling gas in order to get out into nature. Upon arrival at your destination, the camper is unhitched and the top folds open to create a back deck, while the sailcloth tent pops open. Like a sailboat on land, everything is built to high standards and is incredibly durable as well.

The camper features two beds that can become one double bed, a ceramic toilet, a top loading refrigerator, integrated LED lighting, a kitchen, a heater and a boiler to produce hot water for the kitchen and outdoor shower. The kitchen is modular and can be moved outdoors to take advantage of pleasant weather and the beds feature a motorized back so they can be used as reclining seats. In addition, clear plastic tenting on the roof adds more natural daylighting inside the camper. While there are a a lot of camper options available, none are quite so pleasant to look at and worthy of a design award. Prices for the Opera Camper start at €27,680 ($37,000).

Via Dornob

Images ©Philippe Vogelenzang and Opera Camper