The Sydney Theatre Company is well known for its fantastic theatrical productions and its rather famous director, Cate Blanchett, but it’s also set to become the greenest theater company in the world. Thanks to a program created by the Australian Government, the Sydney Theatre will soon be installing the second largest integrated solar photovoltaic array in the country! And that’s only part one of their plan — read on for the full scoop.

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The project’s unveiling was attended by Minister of the Environment Peter Garret (yes, he’s also the rockstar who sang ‘Beds are Burning‘) and Cate Blanchett. The theater’s new solar array will be a $1.5 million Pluto photovoltaic system developed by the University of New South Wales and China’s Suntech Power.

The project will also be installing a rainwater recycling system that will provide for all of the building’s needs, saving nearly 8 million liters of water each year. Energy efficiency measures such as low energy lighting and an upgraded building management system will round out the deal. It has always been said that arts and the environment go together hand in hand. This is one case where the adage rings particularly true.

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Via The Fifth Estate