You wouldn’t normally associate any massive New Year’s Eve city celebration with environmental sustainability, but that is precisely what the City of Sydney is trying to do with this years New Years Eve celebrations. Sydney is host to one of the largest, if not the largest, display of fireworks in the world, and this New Year the city is attempting to make sure that sustainability is forefront and center in every detail of the celebrations.

Needless to say, that blowing up hundreds of thousands of fireworks is not exactly green. So how will Sydney manage to make their celebrations the greenest ever? Well some of their actions will involve using green power for the bridge and festivity areas, recycling at least 80% of the rubbish generated, using recycled water to wash down the downtown area after the event is over, encouraging the use of public transportation, and even nominating the World Wildlife Fund as the NYE official charity of 2007.

Sydney’s fireworks display is an impressive show of spectacle, planning and technology. Here’s hoping that by putting the focus on green, 2008 becomes the year where change is no longer just a buzzword.

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