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Under its neon colored encasement the Tilter boasts tons of features similar to a motorbike. The seats are arranged in a single line and they tilt along with the vehicle around sharp turns. Foot brakes are joined by paddle brakes on the steering wheel to optimize safety. The Tilter’s compact design also allows it to be stored, parked, and locked like a bike.

Though Tilters can zip through the streets like a motorcycle, the vehicle is still surprisingly spacious and safe like a car. The steel body features a sliding track door that opens and shuts with a lightweight handle. The front seat folds down to allow the back passenger to enter, while the rear seat can be folded or removed to accommodate more storage space.

Topping out at a speed of 68 miles per hour and traveling from 0 to 60 in 13 seconds, the Tilter can go just about anywhere. A fully charged battery lasts for nearly 80 miles, so drivers can even a bit of distance riding. The boldly colored cabin makes the Tilter stand out while protecting the driver from traffic and the elements.

The Tilter’s unique design is matched with custom technology that allows the vehicle to easily maneuver throughout city streets. Ten sensors surround the body and pick up wind, road, and traffic conditions, automatically adapting the vehicle’s traction and response times. The electric air conditioning system detects outdoor temperatures and constantly keeps the vehicle’s interior 15 degrees higher than the outside in winter months and 10 degrees cooler in the summer. Plans are also in the works for asmartphone dock to be placed in the dashboard so that drivers to use apps specifically designed for the Tilter. The Tilter is planned for mass production in 2012, so certainly hope to see a few of these zipping around soon.

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