Sexy sustainable style comes in many shapes and forms, and it is pretty indisputable that there is no better time to celebrate a glam green bod than during summer months. With August now stirring up late evening storms and ‘dog-day’ rhythms, we wanted to remind you of a super hot way to cool off via one of our favorite eco-lingerie collections. We first discovered T-Luxe at Project Earth Day this past May, but their undeniably luxurious and downright flirty pieces have stayed with us as a great example of how sustainability needn’t be potato-sack dowdy, hemp-heavy, or simply beige, beige, beige. We like that T-Luxe is pushing the frilly edge of where green fashion can intimately go. Let’s face it, being truly eco-friendly involves very personal choices – why shouldn’t your sexy eco undies be included in this mix?

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‘Eco-lingerie’ may seem like an oxyomoron to some – a silly self-indulgence that really does not get to the core of what might be essential for streamlining an eco-friendly closet or sustainable wardrobe. But consider the fact that what lies right next to your skin is indeed your second skin and a measure of who you are and how your feel about being naked or exposed. If anything is going to send the right message about your crusade to save the planet or reducing your carbon footprint, it’s the skivvies you flaunt!

T-Luxe eco lingerie features luxurious sustainable fabrics such as lightweight bamboo and organic silks that are sumptuously colored through a low-impact, natural dye process. Super cute T-Luxe bras, undies, and lingerie separates are handmade in Brooklyn, NY and all of their green fabrics are sourced from North America (Canada and the U.S.). Even sexier? All of the energy used to produce T-Luxe designs is also off-set through carbon off-set programs. With more hot and sultry days ahead through August into September, we highly recommend T-Luxe’s latest collection as a way to segue into fall in sweet sustainable style.

T-Luxe Collection will soon be available online at Nimli

+ T-Luxe Collection

+ T-Luxe at Project Earth Day/Spring 2008