Is your favorite t-shirt in such distress that it garners more attention for its rips and holes than its clever declaration against CO2 emissions? There is no reason to despair over your cherished threads, because your loss is your computer’s gain. The people at Hello Rewind have come up with a great way to upcycle your old tees into new duds for your laptop. But best of all, by doing so, not only will you be getting a nifty new outfit for your computer, but you’ll be helping to support the fight against sex-trafficking.

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Hello Rewind sleeves are taken from the design and material of the t-shirt you send to their headquarters. Once received, it is cut up, sewn up, batted, felted, secured with a bit of Velcro and sent right back to you in brand new form. From the looks of things, these sleeves can withstand some abuse, and will slip snugly into any backpack or purse sans the compromise of style.

Hello Rewind is a New York City based operation promoting two-fold renewal; to recycle old goods into new, and to develop a business aimed at supporting the reintegration of sex trafficking survivors into society. The organization works with surviving women by equipping them with real-world, marketable job skills such as sewing, English, and business skills. By purchasing a Hello Rewind laptop sleeve, you not only promote sustainability, but a mission giving hope to surviving women for a better future.

+ Hello Rewind