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As explained by Bureau A, everything in Hanoi gets reused, upcycled, and reincarnated into a new item. Parts and pieces that find their way into new constructions are used until they can be used no more and the creativity displayed throughout the city with their upcycling is quite ingenious. Such is the case with an old street cart, tricycle and some additional steel tubing.

Bureau A worked with a local steel worker to build a mobile performance pavilion to help promote the Tadioto bar and cultural center. The structure is seven levels tall with a PVC roof and a battery-powered fan and lights. A tricycle built into the structure allows mobility; in fact, the team biked Ta đi Ôtô all over the city after it was completed. Bureau A architect Daniel Zamarbide told Dezeen, “The main purpose of this mobile device was to do a sort of humble ‘performance’ using local know-how and culture.”

Via Dezeen

Images ©Boris Zuliani