Best known for stylish watches that cost as much as a used car, TAG Heuer recently announced plans to launch into the smartphone market. The Switzerland-based firm enjoys creating modern technologies that have a timeless feel, and its chronographs are worn by Wall St. executives and professional athletes alike. No doubt TAG hopes the same crowd will leap at the chance to pocket its Meridiist Infinite phone, a “communication instrument” the company claims will stay charged forever thanks to an invisible photovoltaic component built into the sapphire crystal screen.

Never content to talk about its creations in the terms of mere mortals, TAG Heuer refers to the phone’s transparent solar panel as a “perpetual power reserve” which it claims will pioneer “a new era in the mobile industry, pushing the limits of portable devices autonomy.” Of course, TAG is far from the first technology company to think about boosting a battery with an onboard solar panel, but we do agree that such devices do signal a new era in the mobile industry.

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Look closely and you’ll see that even the photovoltaic cell itself is nothing new. It’s just a Wysips transparent solar film placed between the glass and LCD elements of the display. “It’ll automatically begin trickle-charging your phone as soon as the screen is exposed to natural and some artificial light with at least enough power to maintain the battery level in standby mode,” explains Engadget.

TAG says it will only create 1,911 Meridiist Infinite phones to start. In addition to a solar panel, the company’s first communication instrument will be entirely made of Titanium Grade 5, carbon and rubber in honor of the first dashboard chronograph designed for aircraft and automobiles and patented by TAG Heuer in 1911. We can only imagine that the price tag will resemble the date as well.

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