Nabito Architects has proposed a fascinating new pop-art inspired design for the Taipei Pop Music Center that integrates a photovoltaic facade and a wall clad in LED panels. Depending on the activities of the Pop Music Center that day, the LED media wall can broadcast news, weather, advertisements and trailers for new events. Powered completely by the sun, the LED facade isn’t a drain on the grid when it lights up at night. Although just a proposal for the Taipei Pop Music Center Competition, this music events hall would showcase not only pop musical talents, but an innovative use of renewable energy.

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Similar to the Zero Energy Media Wall in Beijing, but even bigger, the Taipei Pop Music Center would be controlled by a central computer, changing the projection according to the events of the night and the crowd outside. Various media, like advertisements, entertainment, movie or music trailers, news, events and even the weather forecast could be shown on the ever-changing panel.

The structure is based on a horizontal slab that has been twisted at the center, creating one vertical slab and one horizontal one. On the north side of the vertical slab, the LED wall projects digital media art, while the south facade of the horizontal slab contains photovoltaic cells integrated into glass panels. This clever design allows the LED media wall to be a net-zero endeavor.

+ Nabito Architects

Via Designboom