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It looks like Japan isn’t the only country to suddenly realize that its nuclear plants have radioactive water leaks. A report from Reuters says a nuclear plant in Taiwan may have been leaking irradiated water for three years. The news comes from a new report by the Taiwanese government watchdog called the Control Yuan, which found that the plant, located in the northern coastal area of Shihmen, has been leaking toxic water from storage pools of two reactors.

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After realizing the error, the plant operators quickly collected the contaminated water into a reservoir next to the storage pools. The water has since been reused to keep the nuclear rods cooled and recycled back into the storage pools. Officials say that the water poses no threat to the environment, although the plant isn’t very far from the capital of Taiwan, Taipei. The cause for the leak is still unknown.

Meanwhile, Taiwan Power Co., the company that operates a number of the island’s nuclear power plants, denies that the water came from the storage pools, and instead says that it may simply have come from harmless rain or water used for cleaning up the floor. Control Yuan has disputed these claims, however, citing a history of errors, including lack of a proper training on handling spent nuclear materials.

Further studies are needed to find the environmental effects of the three-year leak. In the meantime, Taiwan has three operational nuclear power plants and six reactors that accounts for 18.4 percent of electricity production in the country. There are continuing arguments surrounding plans to build a fourth nuclear plant that will also be located near the First Nuclear Power Plant as well, we can’t imagine recent events will help the case for its construction.

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