Pull out your prohibition apparel because Takayanagi is bringing back a cool new roadster you’ll be dying to get behind the wheel of. The Japanese company recently unveiled their throwback to the 1920’s classic aesthetic with a cool, new auto that comes in the form of an electric vehicle dubbed the “Miluira.” The Miluira is a one seater that tops out at 37 miles per hour and has a range of 22 miles on its lead-acid battery. Though it’s NSFH — not safe for highways — you can still revel in the fact that it’ll probably make you look and feel cooler than everyone you know.

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The Miluira is fashioned after a 1920’s ride, and is outfitted with an engine that runs on lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries are often pushed aside these days for their lithium-ion counterparts given that lithium-ion batteries have a higher charge-to-weight ratio — this means longer charges, longer driving distance and a lighter car. However, lead-acid batteries are capable of giving a higher surge at any given time, which makes them perfectly suited for the hefty charge that’s needed to get a car starter going.

Though the lead-acid batteries don’t allow for the Miluira to be driven at high speeds, or very far for that matter, perhaps Takayanagi made the choice as a nod to the past. Lead-acid batteries have been around since the mid 1800’s and were the first rechargeable batteries in the world.

The car is set to be released next year and will be going for a cool $75,000 — not quite your affordable Nissan Leaf. Though we have to fault the car for not being very practical — using up all that metal for something that can’t get you very far seems like a waste — we’re still pretty taken by its gorgeous design.

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