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The Offline Chair works by physically removing the smartphone from the seated person, via a lined pocket in the side of the chair that blocks your phone’s signal so there won’t be any beeping, buzzing, or jingling while you kick back. Visually, the chair is a bit unusual, with exaggerated high backs and sides. This is all part of the function of the furniture, though. The Offline Chair isn’t meant to be a lounging spot. Instead, Nowak intends the design of the chair to help the user switch her focus from the smartphone to another source. She conceptualized the design based on other activities, like watching TV, reading a book, or devoting one’s attention to a face-to-face conversation.

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Nowak theorizes that the Offline Chair could be useful in office settings, as well as at home. Where particular concentration is needed, the chair has a snap-on privacy hood that encloses the space even more, creating a cozy cubicle lined with soft upholstery.

The Offline Chair is the latest in a series of functional furniture pieces from the Polish designer. Nowak has also designed multi-functional pieces such as a desk that becomes a dining table and a seat that is also a magazine rack.

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