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The new space includes hotel stations, team project areas, private rooms, alcove chat rooms, and storage solutions that all serve to enhance the firm’s communication and collaboration in a comfortable and informal environment. The space is now more condensed and intimate, which translates to a smaller footprint in the long term since there is less need to purchase more real estate to accommodate new eBay employees.

Knoll was chosen to supply the firm’s furniture, which was selected to meet the company’s internal commitment to only use furniture that consists of renewable or recyclable material content. The new workstations were also reconfigured from the previous workstations. Shorter than their predecessors, the upgraded 6′ x 7′ workbenches ensure employees have better access to natural lighting that in turn cuts down on artificial lighting and energy costs. Although these upgrades are not especially radical, small changes can make a huge difference, particularly when dealing with a major corporation.

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